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Captive Unicorn Tapestry Small

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Add some opulence to your home with this magnificent Captive Unicorn Tapestry Small.

This scene is called "The Unicorn in Captivity" and may have been created as a single image rather than part of a series.

The unicorn is tethered to a tree and constrained by a fence, but the chain is not secure, and the fence is low enough to leap over: His confinement is a happy one, to which the ripe, seed-laden pomegranates in the tree a medieval symbol of fertility and marriage testify. The red stains on his flank is not thought to be blood, as there are no visible wounds, they are thought to represent juice dripping from the pomegranates above. Many plants are represented here, such as wild orchid, and thistle, even a little frog, nestled among the violets at the lower right. A reproduction of this tapestry can now be viewed at Stirling Castle.

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Tapestry hanging rods can also be purchased separately (not included) and this Captive Unicorn Tapestry would suit our 'small' size extendable tapestry rod option.

  • Tapestry fully lined. 
  • With hanging loops. 
  • Size: 60cm x 65cm (size approximate, as the tapestry panels may vary slightly after finishing). 

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