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The Noble Lady Tapestry

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Add some opulence to your home with this magnificent tapestry depicting a medieval Noble Lady. 

Two main factors determined a woman's position in medieval society and her prospects: her rank - whether she was of noble descendance: bourgeois or peasant, and her marital status, whether she was a maiden, a married woman or widow.

Aristocratic women had two choices: wedlock - most women could be expected to be married by the age of 14 - or the nunnery. Both required dowries and involved land and wealth transactions. The noble's wife and the nun were both important within their own environment. The noble lady ran domestic household affairs, staff and provisions. She was also expected to manage estates and even defend them if her husband was absent.

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  • Tapestry fully lined. 
  • Compiled from woven wool blend.
  • Size: 67cm x 146cm (all sizes are approximate, as the tapestry panels may vary slightly after finishing).
Tapestry Dimensions 
Recommended Rod Size

67cm x 146 cm Small

Please note that due to the nature of the Tapestries, sizing may slightly vary. 

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