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Armorial Tapestry

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The background to this Armorial Tapestry scene is based on when full battle armour was worn. Identification of knights was difficult therefore devices started to be put onto the knights shield and surcoats, hence the description; which is derived from the use of surcoats.

It became custom for these devices to be passed from father to son. Kings ordered records to be kept of the coats of arms, to control their use and eliminate duplication. Fabulous mythical beasts such as the gryphon were often used in the designs.

Tournaments were a great occasion for the display of heraldry but only nobility were permitted to take part, which kept the heralds busy checking the credentials of the combatants.

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  • Tapestry fully lined. 
  • Size: 43cm x 138cm (all sizes are approximate, as the tapestry panels may vary slightly after finishing). 

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